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Here’s How it Works


Find Your Home

Personalise your search to discover the perfect student accommodation. Search through individual properties checking what’s included and what to expect if you were to move in. After choose the room that’s right for you, from the look and feel by watching a 30 second video of what might just be your new room.


Book a Viewing

After seeing a property you like, you can request a viewing. By selecting from the available dates and times, for a tour of the property.When the viewing request is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation notification with the date, time and address of the property you will be viewing.


Request to Book

After viewing the property you can immediately reserve the place, leaving the property provider 48 hours to confirm or decline your request. Once your request is confirmed, that it. Get ready to move in! However if your property provider requires a security deposit, you’ll be required to have the available funds.


Move In

If your room has been confirmed, it's all down to you. Communicate a time to meet up with your property provider, sign your contract and receive the keys to your brand-new pad. But don’t worry our relationship isn’t over yet, as after you move in, its all about exploring student life and creating moments.

Student Moments

It begins, student life in one place.

Share and discover different things with a community of students.


It’s a different experience

A new place, means a new adventure, with new experiences, resulting in forever lasting memories.