List your property on probbe,
and watch your rooms fill effortlessly

Why List Your Property



Have a transparent view and summary of all your properties in one place & each tenant within that property, in a clean and unique design. From Tenant Rent Payments, Updates & Reminders (Viewings, Maintenance requests, Property Inspections), Stats and Notes



We have systematised, coordinated and organised a more effective way for you as property providers to better connect and integrate with student tenants, end to end. From when they request a viewing, book the property and begin renting. Cutting hours of time and effort needed to fill and manage properties.



Differentiate yourself and build your own unique presence to students with the power of videos and images. With your very own property provider profile page, showing students your location, your listings, reviews, brand name and logo. Leave your mark today and market your rentals!

Type of Property Provider


Private Landlord

A £20 charge for every property you list.


Letting Agency

A £30 to £90 monthly subscription plan dependant on your property portfolio size.

It's Made For You


Create your property

Here’s how it works, go through a simple hassle free 6 step process, filling in the needed property information that your future tenants will be exposed to. From adding the various room types and taking a 30 second video of each individual bedroom which you must upload. And that’s the listing process done.


Publish and watch students fill

Now your exposed to your dashboard where you have all the facilities you can think of, to manage your property’s and the tenants within. As well as being able to promote your student listings anywhere you want online. Convenient and efficient right.


Administrate and Connect

Integrate and communicate with your potential tenants, as you as property providers have all the control. Confirm and reject booking (reservation) requests, accept and alter requested property viewings. The power is in your hands.

List Your Property

A simple and hassle free listing experience